Sound Of Borobudur Challenge

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We made a challenge taken from the album Sound Of Borobudur entitled CATUR GAIA & ISLE DE LA SONDE
Come on, join and play together with the Sound Of Borobudur Team.
You can use your own style, you can follow the melody, play the chords, and also make your own creations, until the end of your video.
Surely it free for any instrument (preferably local instruments, traditions) also with modern instruments in general, or can be with dance, painting, as well as performance art or with video graphics response, animations, etc.
Don’t forget to tag & mention us and use #soundofborobudur #musicovernation

Greetings for Borobudur sound !!!

Kami bikin challenge yang diambil dari album Sound Of Borobudur berjudul CATUR GAIA.

Ayo ikutan, sambil main bareng Tim Sound Of Borobudur

Bebas dengan gaya masing-masing, bisa ikutan melodinya, bisa main chordnya, bisa juga bikin kreasi sendiri, di video ini sampai selesai.

Tentunya bisa dengan instrumen apa saja (diutamakan yg instrument lokal,tradisi) juga dgn instrument modern pada umumnya, atau bisa dengan tari, lukis, serta performance art atau dengan respon video grafis,animasi dll.

Jangan lupa tag & mention kami dan gunakan #soundofborobudur #musicovernation

salam bunyi borobudur !!!

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